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Learn to enter into meditative states with our simple guided techniques that can be later applied to your own personal practice and float. A guided meditation session is a great way to learn how to enhance your float session and build a regular meditation practice. Guided meditations can be set up as a one on one session or as a group session. Sessions will start with a warm-up and go into different meditative techniques that you can later do on your own to establish or enhance your own practice. If you’re looking to enhance your ability to consciously relax and perceive life in a deeper way, having a regular meditation practice is very beneficial.

Guided Meditation:

  • 1 Hour Guided Meditation Session: $35

  • 2-1 Hour Guided Sessions: $60

  • 4-1 Hour Guided Sessions: $100

    (Must be booked in advance)

Wellness Guidance Program

Includes 4 guided meditation/intro yoga sessions along with one on one guidance on how to eat and cook consciously. Professional instructors will take a trip to the grocery store with clients for food recommendations that can balance the mind and body. Instructors will also provide general Ayurvedic guidance on how to safely cleanse and balance the body based on an individuals specific body type and energies.

  • $180


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